Project Management - Updated 2018

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Course Overview


Project management is an important part of ensuring business objectives are met on time and on budget. Good project management establishes the goals of the project and identifies appropriate guidance to ensure the project meets the needs of its stakeholders.


This course has been designed to increase knowledge of project management for those who are responsible for managing simple and complex projects from conception to completion. Specifically, this course provides a step-by-step guide of the project management lifecycle, outlines the roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager and provides templates for key project documentation.



Key Content


  • What is a project;
  • What is project management;
  • Your role as Project Manager;
  • Project lifecycles;
  • Completing key planning documentation including:
    • A business case;
    • Feasibility study;
    • Project charter;
    • Project plan;
    • Project budget;
    • Quality budget;
    • Risk management plan;
  • Assembling and supporting the project team;
  • Record keeping;
  • Monitoring and reporting on the project status;
  • Closing out the project.



Learning Outcomes


At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:


  • Explain their role and responsibilities as Project Manager;
  • Describe the documents, steps and processes involved in project management;
  • Explain the importance and requirements of good planning and documenting;
  • Identify the steps involved in executing a project and the benefits of supporting the project team;
  • Review the project for successes and recommendations for future projects.