Fair Work Act - Understanding Workplace Rights

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Course Overview


Under the Fair Work Act 2009 (FWA), employees have a number of rights related to their working hours, leave allowances and the termination of their employment. To meet these legislative provisions, organisations must have policies and procedures in place to ensure they do not breach these rights.


This course has therefore been developed to increase learners’ understanding of the rights of employees and how they are managed within the organisation. It also discusses other related issues such as performance management and disciplinary procedures.


Key Content


  • The role of the Fair Work Commission;
  • Employees' rights under the FWA, including:
    • Maximum working hours;
    • Flexible working arrangements;
    • Leave and public holidays;
    • Notice of termination;
    • Redundancy pay;
    • Fair Work Information Statement;
  • Enterprise agreements;
  • Performance management;
  • Disciplinary action;
  • Unfair dismissal;
  • Dismissal and discrimination
  • Records management.


Learning Outcomes


At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:


  • Discuss the key features of the Fair Work Act and the organisation’s workplace rights framework;
  • Discuss the role of the Fair Work Commission;
  • Explain their responsibilities in relation to employee workplace rights;
  • Discuss the key features of the employment agreement;
  • Recognise what is considered discrimination;
  • Discuss how to manage performance and apply disciplinary action;
  • Recognise what is considered an unfair dismissal;
  • State the requirements in relation to termination and redundancy.