Managing the Discipline Process - Updated 2018

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Course Overview


Managers are responsible for ensuring behavioural problems in the workplace are contained and remedied quickly and appropriately. This requires them to take disciplinary action against staff members when necessary.


This course will familiarise managers with the types and causes of misconduct as well as the processes for investigating misconduct and effectively implementing discipline.


Key Content


  • The purposes of staff discipline;
  • Manager's responsibilities;
  • Causes of misconduct;
  • Types of misconduct;
  • Investigating misconduct;
  • Investigation methods;
  • Making the decision to formally discipline;
  • Things to consider before applying formal discipline;
  • The formal disciplinary process;
  • Constructive disciplinary meetings;
  • Documenting discipline;
  • How to document disciplinary action.

Learning Outcomes


At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:


  • State the purposes of staff discipline;
  • Acknowledge their responsibilities in relation to staff discipline;
  • Explain the causes of misconduct;
  • Discuss the types of misconduct;
  • Understand how to investigate misconduct;
  • Apply the disciplinary process;
  • Identify when to resort to formal discipline as opposed to informal discipline;
  • Hold constructive disciplinary meetings with staff;
  • Prepare disciplinary documentation.