Introduction to Chain of Responsibility (CoR) - Updated 2018

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Course Overview

Under the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation any person or organisation with control or influence in the transport chain has a legal responsibility to ensure compliance with relevant heavy vehicle road laws.

This course has been designed to increase the learner’s awareness and enhance their understanding of their individual responsibilities in regards to compliance with legislation. This course will help learners to take ‘reasonable steps’ towards preventing a breach of CoR law.

Key Content

  • CoR legislation;
  • Roles and responsibilities of those within the supply chain;
  • Consequences of breaching CoR laws;
  • Contributing causes to CoR violations;
  • The ‘reasonable steps’ defence regarding violations;
  • Systems and policies to ensure organisational compliance.


Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Explain the basic principles of CoR;
  • List who is in the supply chain and their responsibilities;
  • Identify the 'reasonable steps' that individuals should take in order to prevent a breach of road safety laws;
  • Outline the consequences of breaching the CoR;
  • Outline the processes and procedures our organisation has in order to ensure we do not breach our CoR responsibilities.