Safe Work Planning (SWMSs and JSAs)

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Course Overview

Safety in the workplace is an important consideration for everyone, especially when high risk construction work is taking place. By conducting Safe Work Method Statements (SMWSs) and Job Safety Analyses (JSAs), organisations and workers are able to identify hazards and implement control measures to manage them.

This course discusses the purposes of a SWMSs and JSAs and looks at how and when they should be conducted.

Key Content

  • SWMSs preparation;
  • Completing JSAs;
  • Identifying job steps;
  • Types of hazards;
  • Identifying hazard controls;
  • Assessing the risk;
  • Record keeping.


Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Define the purpose of SWMSs and JSAs;
  • Understand when SWMSs and JSAs must be completed;
  • Identify who is responsible for completing SWMSs and JSAs;
  • Describe the types of information included in SWMSs and JSAs;
  • Complete a SWMS and JSA;
  • Conduct work in accordance with the SWMS and / or JSA.