WHS Risk Management - Updated 2018

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Course Overview

Risk management forms the cornerstone of all Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation in Australia today. Because of this, all workplaces must apply the risk management process to all hazards in the workplace. All stages of the organisation’s processes must be assessed from planning and purchasing through to the end product or service.

It is the responsibility of the organisation to ensure that this process is not only applied, but that there is worker consultation throughout the risk management process.

This course will guide the learner through the risk management process step by step and will clarify the concept of risk management in terms that will be understood by any person in the organisation. It will also outline general responsibilities of both organisations and workers in this process.

Key Content

  • Definitions of ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’;
  • Management and worker responsibilities;
  • The risk management process;
  • Types of hazards;
  • Hazard identification techniques;
  • The risk assessment process and calculating the risk rating for hazards;
  • Hierarchy of controls;
  • Implementing risk controls;
  • Ongoing monitoring and reviews;
  • Worker consultation;
  • Importance of keeping records on risk management.


Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of risk management in preventing and controlling hazards in the workplace;
  • Identify and participate in the key steps in the risk management process;
  • Apply hazard identification techniques;
  • Assess the level of risk associated with hazards;
  • List in order the steps in the hierarchy of control.