Working at Heights

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Course Overview


Working at heights poses a major hazard which can result in fatalities and injuries across a broad range of industries. As part of an employer's work health safety responsibilities, workers must be inducted into safe work practices before undertaking any work at heights.

This course is designed to increase the learners’ understanding of the hazards associated with working at heights. It also explains how fall hazards can be controlled and outlines what workers are required to do when using different control measures.


Key Content


  • Worker responsibilities;
  • Common hazards;
  • The Fall Hazard Hierarchy of Controls;
  • Working on the ground and on solid constructions;
  • Passive fall devices;
  • Scaffolds;
  • Elevating work platforms;
  • Work positioning systems;
  • Fall injury prevention systems;
  • Safety harnesses;
  • Work from ladders;
  • Equipment inspection and maintenance;
  • Emergency situations.



Learning Outcomes


At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Define their responsibilities when working at heights;
  • Understand how the risks associated with working at heights are managed;
  • Describe the hierarchy of controls for working at heights;
  • Understand how to safely use control measures when working at heights;
  • React appropriately to incidents and emergencies.